TRWays knows de-icing for Urban Ways, Highways, Byways, Railways, Tramways – all Ways Always. Our ambition is to promote use of biodegradable de-icing and dust-binding products – for our environment. Just calculate life-cycle costs and find out: they are value for money! We also give user training to those responsible for safety of different ways. Proper use saves money.

We have experience of planning Winter Ways Maintenance systems and strategies for various countries. We know how. We know the priorities. Recently we developed a manually operated liquid spreader for rails for a contractor in Finland.

Ask for Eco-Melter formate-based de-icers or Eco-Binder dust control liquids. They all are environmentally sound. They are readily bio-gradable. See more at


The City of Lahti is now the international spearhead in the use of formate-based de-icing chemicals for anti-skid operations in its centre. Lahti is located on a vast ground/drinking water area, which naturally is to be kept clean. Due to earlier problems the city authorities decided in 2017 to stop using chloride salts and instead go for Eco-Melter formate products in winter maintenance and dust control of streets. That was an enormous environmental deed by Lahti even in the global scale.

TRWays sells Eco-Melter granules and liquids to TYL V2 Lahden keskusta, Joint Venture, that carries out the Lahti centre street maintenance contract. Timely snow removal and anti-icing are the preferable winter maintenance method. Prior to start of this winter period TRWays and TYL V2 organized for the personnel a whole-day anti-skid training event. All important winter maintenance issues were included. What a good start it was!

Since then TRWays has been supporting TYL V2 with his know-how. Winter maintenance assisted by Eco-Melter, liquid and solid, has been a success. It has given a great amount of new experiences with Eco-Melters. After the winter, dust control with Eco-Binder F liquid will be actual in Lahti.

We believe we can be of help with your winter maintenance problems.

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